bathroom remodeling walnut creek ca

Does Your Family Need a Little More Space?

Add to your home in Walnut Creek, Orinda or Danville, CA

You didn't think about having more kids. Or buying another car. Or wanting an entertainment room. Now your home is getting a little cramped, but you have no interest in moving. What do you do?

Add some more room to your home with Vitale Construction Inc., a premier home addition contractor serving Walnut Creek, Orinda & Danville, California. Our construction team can design and integrate new space into your home seamlessly. If you want a new bathroom, bedroom or family room, you can count on us for assistance. Contact us today to discuss what you have in mind for your home addition.

Learn about your options

Vitale Construction Inc. offers two programs for home additions. We offer a turnkey approach where we handle everything from start to finish. That includes:

  • Building the new space or expanding the current space
  • Taking care of all of the electrical and plumbing work
  • Installing drywall and texturing the surface
  • Handling painting and crown molding
  • Installing fixtures, lighting, cabinets and more

We also offer a partial program where we build the space, install rough electrical and plumbing and take care of the drywall. Then, you can finish and customize the space as you'd like. Contact Vitale Construction Inc. today if you want to add some breathing room to your home. Whether you want a new master bath or an expanded family living space, we can help!